Messages From Angels


Messages From Angels bracelet...

We all get messages from angels, guidance from Spirit. The problem is that sometimes we feel like we don’t hear the messages (or maybe we just don’t listen...). This is an energetically sweet and gentle piece made of faceted angelite beads, smooth moonstone discs, and sterling silver daisy spacers. Angelite is traditionally known as a stone that helps to facilitate the communication with our spiritual guidance, and with our higher self. It helps raise your state of conscious awareness, and helps to transmute fear, and creates a deep sense of peace and calm within. Moonstone is deeply feminine, connected to the moon, and helps open intuition so that we can better hear the messages we’re receiving all the time.  With a sterling silver heart clasp and twisted ring to close. There are also four pattered silver tubes that lay across the back of the wrist in an alternating pattern. Sweet and delicate.

Just slightly over 7 inches inside when clasped.