Masterpiece necklace...

This is a stunning piece made of picture jasper discs. It’s called picture jasper because of the amazing patterns, “pictures,” within the stone. Every individual stone is a masterpiece of natural art. The necklace sits at collarbone level, laying flat around the base of the neck, like a frame for your masterpiece of a beautiful face. The name “Masterpiece” refers to YOU and your life as a masterpiece-in-creation. Every experience you go through adds another layer of color, more beautiful nuance, more interplay of elements, creating surprising beauty when combined with other elements. Between the  1 1/8 inch picture jasper discs are 14k gold-filled daisy spacers and twisted rings, as well as red jasper beads. The infinity clasp and ring are also 14k gold-filled. Picture jasper is often used for insight, creativity, creative visualization, as well as balance with nature. It’s a “bigger picture” stone. It is also used to help us see, understand, and release our own negative patterns from the past that no longer serve us. Red jasper is often used for protection, strength and courage.

A bold and beautiful statement piece. Laid out flat, it’s 18.5 inches.