Many Moons


Many Moons bracelet...

This bracelet is a celebration of the powerful phases of a woman’s life, each different and beautiful in it’s own way. Each phase carrying great power, with perspective becoming richly layered with every passing moon, every passing year. The blossoming of wisdom. Maiden, Mother, Wise Elder.

It’s also a celebration of a woman’s ability to produce life, as well as her continuing ability to release, renew, and rebuild. It’s actually extraordinary when you think about it - the power of healing and regeneration that we women carry. It’s what makes women VERY open spiritually. The womb is the place where we bring Spirit into the physical world, so that makes women the sacred portal of this gift. We have a deep and open connection to the power of creation.... How different would you feel about your life, your body, if you respected this power that you carry on a moment-to-moment basis? Be gentle with yourself, make some extra time to rest, and dream, and create something, and open to Spirit. Treat the power that you carry with gentle respect.

The stones used here are stones that relate to female energy, to the heart, to blood, to passion, to creativity: ruby, garnet, carnelian, coral, and jasper. There is also moonstone to help connect to intuition and dreams, and a pearl to represent the moon, and the purity of the female cycle. There is a matte finish bead of obsidian at the clasp, because obsidian is a stone that connects us to the Void, the space that contains all potential in the unmanifested form. It’s also a stone that relates to our own personal inward journey in life. The rest is sterling silver (female, moon energy): rings, spacers, spirals to represent the deep and infinite spiral within us, an “infinity” clasp, and a ring that says GODDESS because every woman is one.

7 inches