Love is Alive


Love Is Alive bracelet...

Very few things in life are certain, but there are a few things that you can count on. One is that change is constant, another is that none of us get out of this life without suffering some kind of loss and the emotional pain that goes with it. But another certainty is that we are never really alone, and that we are surrounded by love and support. The first 2 you won't get many arguments about. Everyone has gone through those experiences. But that third one is tricky because we often hit periods where we can't feel the support, and we feel like we have lost the love that we once could count on. But we live in a bigger place than that. Life... death... change... it's all just about transitions into a different plane of existence. Nothing is ever lost, it just moves to a different form. And Spirit is always holding us gently and lovingly, even in the most difficult of times. The feeling of separateness, the feeling of being alone is only an illusion we get trapped in when we don't focus on the bigger picture, when we don't allow our heart to fully open so that we can FEEL the presence around us at all times. It doesn't mean we won't feel sad sometimes, or feel a void when something familiar has transitioned around us in a different way than we're used to experiencing it. But love is never lost. And support is never gone. The centerpiece of this bracelet is a sterling silver ring that says LOVE to remind you of it's constant presence around you and within you. Next to it, and also next to the sterling silver infinity clasp, sit 2 dragonflies in fine silver handmade by the Hill Tribe people of Thailand, because dragonflies symbolize the breaking down of illusion so that the Truth can be seen. They are gentle messengers to remind us of the presence of Spirit that walks with us and supports us at all times. The bracelet also contains many sterling silver beads as well as fine silver Hill Tribe beads (including a heart). Silver is gentle with a deep feminine energy and connection to the shifting and transforming energy of the moon (which is a heart-healing energy). The gemstones include rose quartz (a gentle heart stone, emanating love and acceptance); amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms); lapis lazuli (expanded intuition, the opening of the third eye, spiritual guidance); Peruvian blue opal (peaceful, serene, aiding in meditation); sugilite (healing, purification, and protection against negative energy, an energetic cleanser, and a doorway to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision); turquoise (wholeness, healing and integration of life experiences); amazonite (trust, integrity, enhanced communication); apatite (clarity of communication); and blue Swarovski crystals.  Remember... love is alive... and nothing is ever really lost, just shifting into different forms.