Love Hope Faith


Love Hope Faith bracelet

Three pillars that hold up the universe, but it always begins with love - the amount we’re able to hold in our heart, and the extent we allow it to guide us. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you love everyone else, then your job of “selfless service” in the world is achieved. The amount we’re able to TRULY love others is determined first by the amount of love (and the lack of judgment) we hold for ourselves. If we haven’t worked out those self-love, self-worth, self-esteem issues, then every act of “giving” will carry underneath some sort of co-dependent need around it (no matter how much you try and convince yourself otherwise). It’s like a flower. You don’t get the beauty of the flower in the world by focusing on the end of the branch and trying to get flowers to appear there (that would be exhausting and infinitely frustrating). You focus on watering and nourishing the root system (you), and when you create the strong and healthy root system, the flowers (your effect in the world) naturally and effortlessly appear as a result of the other. Your own self-love and self-worth are the basis of the root system. It ALL starts there.

The bracelet contains turquoise, amethyst, sugilite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, apatite, Peruvian blue opal, and Swarovski crystal, as well as sterling and fine silver pieces (including a handmade fine silver heart by the Hill Tribe in Thailand). The stones in the bracelet all center around healing, peace within, inner guidance, strong female energy, and honest communication (with yourself and others).

Find where you hold self-judgment and start the healing from there. When you walk through your life radiating real self-love and self-worth, the gift you bring to the world is to show others that it’s possible to achieve that within themselves as well. Your “service” is that you create hope and faith within all those who come in contact with you, by being a living example of healing. Focus on the health of the roots, the rest, the “flowers” will follow.

7 inches inside when clasped