Living Out Loud


Living Out Loud bracelet...

This gorgeous bracelet is bold and multi-layered, a dramatic

tapestry of color and materials! It contains sterling silver

nuggets and beads, including handcrafted Hill Tribe silver

pieces, 14k gold-filled rings and beads, a 24k gold vermeil

bead, and copper beads and handcrafted spirals. The clasp

is an extra large rose-colored sterling silver lobster clasp The beads are strung on silver wire as well as leather. The semi-precious gems include a Ruby, a stone containing life force energy, courage, passion, adventurousness; Citrine, a traditional prosperity stone and also related to your power and personal projection in the world; Amber, which is a healing stone that also carries “ancient knowledge”; Coral, a deeply feminine Mother element; Garnet, which helps heal feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness that block the ability to give and receive love, so that you can receive “emotional abundance”; and Carnelian, a stone connected to creativity, vitality and sexual energy. This is a powerful and beautiful Life Force piece, carrying a lot of fire energy, for someone who wants to manifest their full potential and “live out loud,” no shy and retiring energy here...        8 inches


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