Lightworker necklace...

Another one of the gemstone pendants I found at a recent gem show. The color in the amethyst, especially in the largest central stone is deep and very rich. The stones are gorgeous! And they are accompanied by a purple freshwater pearl in the center. I’ve paired the pendant with an inverted teardrop silver collar.

Amethyst is connected with the “violet flame” of spiritual purification, of protection, and it helps to keep your energy clear and in balance. Because it’s such a strong aid to your intuitive capabilities, and your connection to spiritual guidance, it is an essential tool for anyone doing healing work, whether it’s work healing others, or work you are doing to heal yourself. If it’s self-healing you are doing, amethyst is invaluable for helping you to understand the root causes underlying any imbalance, whether it’s emotional, behavioral habits, or past life issues, and then taking responsibility for making the necessary shifts toward healing.