Let Your Light Shine


Let Your Light Shine bracelet...

There has never been, nor will there EVER be again, a person like you on this planet. Never. You are it. Letting fear and timidity and low self-esteem hold you back from putting yourself out there means to deprive the world of the unique things that only you can offer. So this is the time to let your unique gifts, your special qualities come out and touch the world around you.  Otherwise, it’s like a big puzzle missing a piece!

This bracelet contains leather, a combination of sterling silver and 14k gold filled and vermeil beads, rings, and spacers, for a balance of male and female, sun and moon energies. It contains Citrine (manifestation, projection of your personal power in a positive way in the world around you); Amber (wisdom of the ages, warmth and healing energy of the sun); dyed gold freshwater Pearls (emotional balance, inner peacefulness, connection to the healing energy of the moon); Swarovski crystal, and 3 different antique African trade beads ranging in age from mid-1800’s to early-1900’s. The trade beads represent the fact that the ancient ones that came before us live on in the contributions they made, just as you will in generations to come through the contributions you make in this life. The heart with wings bead is 14k plated over sterling silver, and is a reminder that your heart soars when you fully step into who you are.

This bracelet is warm, radiant, and, glowing... just like you. You came here for a reason. This is the time to let your light shine. Because if not now, then when??...

7 inches inside when clasped