Laughing In Church


Laughing In Church necklace...

"Laughing In Church" is about a joyful exuberance that can't be contained by other peoples' rules about when and where it's okay to express who you are; and it's about the joyful embracing of the life experience bubbling up of it's own accord, whenever and wherever... The piece contains a lot of pearls, punctuated by bursts of color and design reflecting this bubbling up (like laughter in church). But the pearls also represent a graceful elegance that exists simultaneously with raucous fun. They are both strong in (her) energy, so there are pearls and delicate silver filigree chain, punctuated by orange coral and purple amethyst and sugilite, and multi-colored glass beads.  In the center is a sterling silver Celtic prayer box, to be used to contain something that holds her energy, perhaps a little object that belonged to her, or something with her handwriting on it, to sit right over the heart center when wearing the necklace.


This was a privately commissioned piece based upon the “spiritual signature” of a client’s late family member. To commission a piece of jewelry, call:  310-967-1336 or email: