Lassoing Down the Moon


Lassoing Down the Moon bracelet...

In most cultures around the world, women are known to be very connected to the Moon -- our constant shifting, our strong connection to the oceans/water/emotion, our connection to heart-centered energy. We receive, we “bend” and transform things, our phases of change effect the way things grow. We are as powerful in the “full moon phase” as well as the “dark of the moon phase.” We are deep, and infinitely mysterious. There are wonderful gifts to be valued and expanded within us.

This bracelet has a “leather and lace” kind of feel. The mixing of seemingly disparate energies. Heavy, chunky silver (moon energy) and leather, mixed with light, delicate freshwater pearls (emotional balance), moonstone (intuition and dreamtime), mother-of-pearl (deeply feminine energy, and connection to the oceans and her tides), white coral (protection and more ocean energy), white turquoise* (healing), and clear quartz to intensify the energy. The clear quartz beads of varying sizes are faceted, so they catch the light the way the moon catches the light, as do the sterling silver mirror balls. Some of the silver pieces are handmade Hill Tribe silver beads, and you will find circles and spirals throughout, signifying our deep connection to the spiral of life, the infinite life-giving force within us. And the leather represents the “lasso” in the title; lassoing down the moon is about consciously connecting to and bringing the energy of the moon into your heart.     8 inches


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* the white turquoise is not the rare pure white turquoise - it is the form that contains some white turquoise as well as other minerals