Just Let Go


Just Let Go necklace...

Sometimes, on the path of personal transformation, we feel like we’ve “done all the work” but that there’s some piece is still missing that would allow us to really move on from the past. Sometimes it’s a matter of recognizing the habits we’ve fallen into over the years, habits of behavior that don’t really have anything to do with the person we’ve grown into. They don’t serve us any more; they’re just old habit.

The central pendant is made of lepidolite, with a sterling silver puzzle piece representing the the final piece of the puzzle that will allow you to finally just let go of the past and move forward! Lepidolite is a stone that assists with recognizing patterns of behavior, and FINISHING the work in progress. It’s also a stone that’s very high in lithium content, and is often used as an excellent emotional balancer. It hangs from a beautiful geometric sterling silver chain. And at the sterling silver swivel lobster clasp there is a bead of sugilite which is a preeminent stone of healing and purification. It also provides exceptional protection against negative energy, a powerful “energetic cleanser,” good for people who tend to be sensitive to their environments and can easily absorb the negative energy around them.

18.5 inch chain, lepidolite pendant is just shy of 2 inches

$185   This piece has just been sold