Journeying necklace...

Obsidian is one of those stones that’s often misunderstood. It’s one of the most powerful allies you can find in helping you dive deep within your psyche to bring your blocks to the surface so they can be healed; blocks that are at play on a subconscious level, affecting all that you do. The obsidian is the powerful, benevolent giant that comes to help you discover, shift, and then heal the places deep within.  The Rose Quartz adds additional soothing heart-centered energy of love and compassion, to help you embrace those places in need of healing -- to see, accept, and transform the past as you have been carrying it all this time... And the onyx is about self-mastery and the ability to maintain focus in your work. This necklace is for deep and gentle journeying within, embracing the deep work, and embracing all parts of yourself, with love and compassion.    21.5 inches