Journey of Transformation


The Journey of Transformation necklace...

This necklace is an aid during what can be the sometimes difficult transformative work we do on the path of opening to greater spiritual expansion. Lapis lazuli is a timeless stone carrying powerful spiritual energy, and helps with activating intuition. It represents the heart of our Spiritual Self at it’s most expansive, and it helps us to connect and explore subtle spiritual realms.  Wearing it is an act of opening to divine guidance and inspiration. Malachite is a powerful healer, with great regenerative power. It is an invaluable aid on the journey of transformation, as we heal and release the negative emotions and blocks from the past. And the 20 natural white grade AA Pearls add a soothing and calming energy to the emotional body, helping to bring balance and smooth the way a bit through some of the difficult moments along the way.       17 inches