Journey Through the Labyrinth


Journey Through the Labyrinth bracelet...

You can take a walk through a physical labyrinth, the ancient, geometric structure with a series of twists and turns taking you ultimately to a central point where you then can pause to reflect before turning around and coming back out again, traveling in the reverse pattern; a moving meditation. The labyrinth is a physical embodiment of the spiritual path, sometimes taking twists and turns that seem to take you farther from the central point, the heart of your journey, the place you are trying to reach. But like the spiritual path, even when it seems to go in an opposite direction for a while, every step actually takes you closer to the heart. The bracelet’s name also refers to navigating the labyrinth of your subconscious or unconscious mind. Trying to navigate the hidden areas of yourself on the path of clearing and healing the past. The unique patterns of veins in the black-webbed jasper represent the many directions you must travel along on your journey, and the stone itself brings a comforting and protective energy to you on the way. And the black stones are obsidian, which connects with the energy of the Void, and helps you travel to the deepest, darkest, hidden places within yourself, so that you can bring light to those parts of yourself. The beads, rings, spacers and clasp are all sterling silver, bringing a feminine and soothing energy to your journey.


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