Irrepressible necklace...

Like the “Unique and Fabulous You” bracelet, this necklace was inspired by the zebra, no two are alike. And though both pieces have the same alternating pattern of gemstones, this one has a different, and very elegant sterling silver “infinity” clasp at the back. Pearl (elegant, female energy, soothing to the emotions); Obsidian (gentle journeying into the depths of yourself); black-webbed Jasper (comforting and protective); and Tourmalinated Quartz (the tourmaline inclusions are grounding and protective against negative energy and the quartz is a powerful energy enhancer), and sterling silver daisy spacers and clasp.  The overall combined energy is deep, calming and protective for you as you shine your unique light into the world. This necklace, in classic black and white, is elegant enough to wear with your little black dress to the opera, or can be paired with some jeans and an oversized white men’s shirt. The necklace is just like you, your unique and individual style carries through no matter where you are or what you’re doing; dressed up or dressed down your essence is irrepressible. Head-turning classic style, like no one else.   16 inches