Innocence bracelet...

Innocence is not about being clueless and naive. It is the beautiful state of having an open-mind, being free of preconceived notions, without carrying judgments about everyone and everything around like a weight on your back. This bracelet is made of Chinese pink opal nuggets, and Peruvian blue opal balls with sterling silver daisy spacers, and sterling silver heart clasp. Blue and pink opal are calming stones, healing to the emotions. Pink Calms the heart and brings a sense of peace, and a release of excessive worry; and blue helps to calm and center the mind, and deepen meditation. They bring a sense of understanding and peace. This is crucial to be able to release judgement and the feeling of being “right.” Wear this bracelet to remind yourself that you can live your life and learn from your experiences, but you can still go into every new experience with an open mind and heart! Like the innocence held in the heart of a child.


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