Inner Light, Second Sight


Inner Light, Second Sight bracelet...

The beauty of this piece is in the movement. It's a shape-shifter! It doesn't look the same from moment to moment, or from different angles, because there are so many small elements that move and visually and energetically combine in different ways. Like the Shaman bracelet, I used the same silver bracelet chain as a base, made by the Hill Tribe from Thailand. The fine and sterling silver charms relate to the natural world, the world of the shaman: the Green Man, leaves, a flower, a feather, a clover leaf, 2 dragonflies, a lot of spirals, a lot of sterling silver mirror balls, and a silver prayer box. The gemstones used are labradorite (transformation, illumination, and esoteric wisdom); moonstone (intuition, psychic abilities, feminine energies); smokey quartz (a premier grounding and clearing stone, and it allows you to work in realms of high-frequency energy and vibration without energy burnout as it connects you with the earth); turquoise (wisdom and healing); jade (good fortune, and it's attuned with the healing Earth energy, and is excellent at helping with the growth of life-force energy, fertility, and harmony in relationships at home); tiger eye (helps you to find balance within the polarity, and helps you to ground spiritual energy into the physical plane). These stones have very subtle colors, earth colors, and many of them have inner luminescence (like the labradorite, moonstone and tiger eye). Subtle, "hidden"," but with powerful inner light,  like a shaman who doesn't show off for all the world to notice him/her, but quietly does his/her work from that place of second sight, and highly developed inner light. You have to look twice and be able to feel subtle energies at work to catch what's really going on there!   7 inches


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