Inner Fire Transformation


Inner Fire Transformation bracelet...

Here’s the thing about fire, it can be warming, healing, and life-sustaining; or it can be destructive. It all depends upon how it’s used. Just like the passion within us, and the anger we each need to learn to work with and process during our life. Let’s face it, none if us gets out of this lifetime without some amount of pain, or disappointment, or frustration. But like any kind of fire, those emotions can either be directed inward in a self-destructive way, directed at others in a destructive way, or channeled into passion, determination, and focused creative intent. Like the lava that erupts from deep within the earth, to create new land; so must our inner fire come to the surface to relieve the pressure inside, so that it can cool and create “new lands” on which to walk and go forward.


This bracelet contains a lava bead to represent the inner fire that can be used for creation, obsidian which helps that which is beneath the surface come up and into the light in a conscious way to be worked with, antique African trade beads (circa mid-late 1800's) to connect to the ancient wisdom we each hold within us and can be called upon to guide us, coral to add a protective energy, leather, and heavyweight sterling silver beads and clasp adding a powerful energy of strength.


Fire is not to be feared, or suppressed. Fire is only fire. But it needs to be deeply respected for it’s power and potential, and should be worked with in a conscious way, with all your inner wisdom involved. The greater the test = the greater the warrior. Let your challenges transform you into a force for positive change in the world.   7 inches