Infectious Laughter


Infectious Laughter necklace...

This necklace is about an upwelling of joy in life that cannot be contained. This is about the kind of energy that spreads to others, that uplifts and inspires. It is a gift to carry the ability to bring joy into a room just by showing up. The necklace includes stones that cover the color spectrum of a rainbow, connected to every chakra in the body, and representing embracing every aspect of life, every experience. It represents fullness to the point of overflowing (in a good way!).


The necklace begins with 2 chains, one made of smooth sterling silver rings, and one made of 14k gold-filled twisted rings. (The chains are delicate so try not to pull on the necklace or the rings will be bent). The mix of silver and gold brings in balance of sun/moon energy, male/female energy, and also reflects the embracing of the totality of life.


Some of the stones are faceted to catch the light, but many of the ones I’ve chosen are smooth, like bubbles, to represent the way laughter bubbles up from the well of joy inside. The necklace has freshwater pearls (calming to the emotions); rose quartz (heart energy); red and orange coral (protective female energy); carnelian (creativity, passion, sexuality); amber (wisdom of the ages, warmth of the sun); citrine (power and projection, manifestation); emerald (incredibly powerful heart energy); malachite (strength, walking your talk); green and blue turquoise (deeply healing for the body and spirit, accesses inner wisdom); Peruvian blue opal (softly soothing and meditative); apatite (inner vision activator that helps clear old patterns on a soul level); lapis lazuli (intuition and connection to spiritual guidance); sugilite (another deeply healing stone, and connection to the dreamworld);  amethyst (intuition, spiritual guidance); and Swarovski crystals. There is a balance to the placement of the gemstones, but they are not placed in an even or orderly pattern because life isn't "orderly." Life feels random at times, and many events are unexpected; but in the end, everything is balanced!


At the back is a twisted sterling silver ring, and a heart clasp, with rose quartz on each side reminding you to keep the energy of your heart behind all you do. And the focal point in the center front is a sterling silver ring with the word LAUGHTER. It is flanked by a faceted emerald (heart energy) and a faceted amethyst (spiritual guidance). Hanging from that is a sterling silver heart inscribed with JOY because that is the gift you bring to those who know you. And from the other chain in the center is a large sterling silver mirror ball that can hang in front or in back, that not only catches the light as it moves, but represents seeing many different perspectives in any situation, because that is what gives us the ability to see the humor in every situation, to find the gift in even the most difficult of times.


This is a necklace that “dances” as it moves. Life is a dance after all, and laughter is the music. And the laughter is infectious!