Imagination Creation


Imagination Creation bracelet...

Have you ever noticed how often, as children, we’re admonished for our imagination, like it’s a bad thing? “Stop that, it’s just your imagination.” “Don’t let your imagination run away with you.” “Stop wasting your time daydreaming.” It’s a crime really. We should be taught to spend time every day daydreaming. We should let our imagination run away with us as often as possible. Who knows what incredible places it could take us! The fact of the matter is that a thing comes into imagination before it comes into creation. If all we can imagine for ourselves is what’s already in front of us, it would be a very limited life indeed.

It’s important to remember, when challenging times occur, it doesn’t mean that somehow we’ve “created” this bad situation. There’s no room for blame. Life is always working with us, so just learn to look at it as taking a different path to your dreams than you had expected. No matter what is going on that we might be labeling as “bad”, there are ALSO many other layers of wonderful life and and many stages of creation at work simultaneously. If we can’t see how life is working with us in a given situation, it just means that we’ve narrowed our vision too small. We’ve set tight definitions and so we’ve limited possibilities by doing that. So imagine that life is taking you somewhere unexpected, and expand, so you have room for new things to come into creation in your life. DREAM BIG, and remember to leave extra space around the dreams for possibilities yet unimagined.

The bracelet contains a powerful combination of metals; rose colored silver and sterling silver (moon), 14k gold-filled and gold vermeil (sun), and copper (an energy super-conductor). There is Carnelian (creativity, passion, sexuality); Fire Agate (another powerful stone for creativity and passion, bringing fire energy to all you do); Citrine (the power of your personal projection in relation to the world around you, a powerful manifestation stone); orange and peach colored Coral (emotional balance, and creative female energy); orange dyed Turquoise (a powerful healing stone relating to wholeness and wisdom, and with the color orange it focuses it on healing energy around creativity, and acknowledging the gifts you bring in that area); and Swarovski crystal. The sterling silver mirror ball is a reminder that life is a mirror, and that are many different perspectives we can choose in any given moment. The focal point is the central sterling silver IMAGINE ring with a silver and copper sunburst and spiral piece in the center, to represent an explosion of creative energy blessing your life! And that is balanced on the other side at the clasp with a charm that says CREATE. They sit on opposite sides of the bracelet to remind you that they are 2 sides of the same coin.

Remember, living your life is a continual act of creation from moment to moment. It’s not so much what’s thrown at us, it’s how we choose to look at it and what we choose to do with it next... So in the middle of your next challenge, remember what Gen. Douglas MacArthur said, “We’re not retreating, we’re advancing in another direction.” And have fun with it! Life is what you make of it.