I Welcome My Wisdom


I Welcome My Wisdom bracelet...

This bracelet is about “stepping up to the plate” and bringing forth the internal wisdom that you carry that you may not have opened to and truly “owned” yet. It is a piece about embodying the wisdom of the divine feminine that you hold within you. It contains green and blue turquoise, a stone of wholeness and truth, communication. Turquoise is about integrating all the different aspects of self into one cohesive whole, and realizing the wisdom that comes from your life experiences.

Apatite is good for clearing and stimulating the third eye and intuition, it is about access to inner knowledge, and aids in visionary states and dreaming. Chrysocolla is about communication. It is a a stone of of the Goddess, and relates to the empowerment expression of the sacred goddess energies, teaching of the combination of gentleness and power, encouraging one to speak one’s highest knowledge, owning the value of one’s experiences, knowledge and contribution.

Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart, with a strong connection to the spirit of Earth Mother/nature. It unites individual desires with the heart’s desire for the good of all, and helps to heal feelings of separation and isolation by teaching of the interconnectedness of all things. The bracelet also contains sterling silver Bali beads, and handcrafted Hill Tribe silver pieces, on leather and sterling silver wire. A powerful piece about welcoming the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.   8 inches


Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece: 310-967-1336 or allyson@thetotalhuman.com