Goddess-Heart bracelet...

The Goddess is alive in Nature, and Nature is alive in the Goddess. This bracelet contains greens and blues to represent water, earth and sky; with silver to call in the Moon, and a 14k gold-filled bead/ring/spacer to call in the fire of the sun. All the elements contained here to echo the Goddess’ embodiment of the elements. It contains a green Swarovski crystal; blue and green Turquoise to represent deep wisdom and healing; Peruvian blue opal which helps facilitate a meditative state by calming the mind; Amazonite a “truth-teller” stone, aiding in opening the heart and activating the throat, for enhanced ability in communicating your Truth; and Chrysacolla which is also about communication. It is a a stone of of the Goddess, and relates to the empowerment expression of the sacred goddess energies, teaching of the combination of gentleness and power, encouraging one to speak one’s highest knowledge, owning the value of one’s experiences, knowledge and contribution. The “heart” theme of the bracelet is carried by 2 other pieces as well, both the sterling silver heart dangling at the ss GODDESS ring clasp, and also the beautiful Pearl that sits in the midst of all the blues and greens. Remember how the pearl is made in nature, an “irritant” is present, and nature works with it, softening and smoothing and transforming it until what remains is a beautiful and luminous pearl. Let that be a reminder that your heart works to transform those things in your life that have been difficult, until what is left is the beauty and strength within you that you gained by having gone through it -- the “pearl” that remains.         7.5 inches


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