Gnosis necklace...

Gnosis is “sacred knowledge,” the inner knowledge that is associated with the awakening of consciousness, and leading to complete Self Realization. It is the underlying Truth at the heart of every religion or spiritual tradition, past the dogma, past the ceremonies or rituals associated with specific traditions. It is the heart of all, the deepest source of knowledge and wisdom that all apths lead to. Often a symbol of gnosis is a snake in the shape of a circle, eating it’s own tail (knowledge of Self in the divine sense). The sterling silver pendant in the center is reminiscent of that snake, but it also combines the symbol of the spiral, the spiral of life. The symbol of the snake (knowledge) is repeated in the sterling silver clasp at the back. The rest of the beads are also sterling silver, on knotted double cord leather. Let this necklace be a reminder that all paths lead to the deepest Truth...and that you already carry within you.      18.5 inches


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