Fortune Smiles


Fortune Smiles necklace...

This delicate necklace is good for someone who is going through a difficult time, where life seems to be shrinking, and it’s been hard to feel joy. The energy of this necklace is about abundance and good-fortune (which can include wealth, but is about so much more...)! A faceted emerald rondelle is the centerpiece. Emerald is a heart-chakra stone of the green ray. It is the heart in it’s highest state of wisdom.  It’s an open heart that allows the infinite bounty of life’s blessings enter your life. It’s said that emerald contains the energy of attracting what you need into your life, as well as healing “heartbreak”. The necklace also contains Jade which is also a classic “abundance and good fortune” stone. Green jade is attuned with the Earth energy and is excellent at helping with the growth of life-force energy, as well as being associated with fertility, and harmony in the relationships in the home. It will help you to reconnect with the healing energies of the earth. The turquoise in the necklace is natural green turquoise. Turquoise is a stone of truth, wisdom, and wholeness. It’s energy helps us to integrate and accept all aspects of ourselves and all of our life experiences to be able to see the bigger picture.  Freshwater Pearls have an energy that is soothing to the emotional body, so can help alleviate fear, grief and other strong emotions.  The daisy spacers are sterling silver which carries strong feminine energy, as is the delicately swirling “infinity 8 shaped”  hook and eye. 

Heal the blockages, open your heart, and allow joy and abundance in all forms into your life...

19.5 inches


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