Forged In the Fire


Forged In the Fire bracelet...

No one ever likes when difficult times come our way, but the reality is that the most difficult times are when we find our greatest strength. We are forced to dig deep within ourselves and find those reserves of strength, personal power, resourcefulness, and force of will that we may not have realized ourselves capable of until the dark hours when we had no choice but to rise to the occasion.

The bracelet is made of knotted leather, with heavyweight silver pieces. The beads and hammered rings are handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand in fine silver. The heavyweight clasp is sterling silver, the bead at the clasp is silver and copper with a small bead of Carnelian (passion and creativity), and the central sunburst inside the ring is also copper and silver, and represents not only the outer fire that creates your tests in life, but the fire within you that burns brightly and rises to meet the challenge.

Like a steel blade that is tempered and strengthened in the fire, so too are we in the fires of life.

7.5 inches inside when clasped