Fierce necklace...

Fierce, to me, is a quality of the heart. It’s about an indomitable, unconquerable spirit. It’s about unflinching courage, and the willingness to take action in the face of something that feels much bigger than you. It’s about fighting for what you love. This necklace contains onyx, obsidian, red coral, and silver. Onyx is about inner strength, focused attention, and self-mastery. It’s about the appropriate use of power and focusing it for good. It also helps to enhance spiritual vision and dreamwork. Obsidian takes you on a deep journey of self-discovery, helping bring the depth to light. The red Coral is a stone of passion, but also helps bring “the wildness within” into balance with the whole self. It brings the power and depth of the ocean (water/emotion) into the piece. The sterling silver balls on the sides carry a spiral pattern that also speak of depth and the eternal force of life within. The central focus of the necklace is a sterling silver ring that says FIERCE, with a handcrafted Hill Tribe spiral arrow in fine silver hanging from the ring, signifying will and inner purpose.

This strong, bold piece is good for a man or a woman.  18 inches


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