Fierce bracelet...

Like a mama bear with her cubs, when you care about something, people better not mess with you! Fiercely protective, fiercely loyal, fiercely loving. This bracelet contains Lava (the burning passion at the center of your being); Obsidian (your inward journey, bringing to light anything that blocks you from within so that it can be healed); Black-Webbed Jasper (comforting and protective); and Tourmalinated Quartz (the tourmaline inclusions are grounding and protective against negative energy and the quartz is a powerful energy enhancer); dyed freshwater Pearl (soothing to the emotions, so that your “fierce” is effective without being destructive); Onyx (strength, persistence, stamina, and self control); hematite (grounding and balancing); and an antique African trade bead circa mid-1800’s (bringing in the wisdom of the ancients, in this case regarding how to wield your power with wisdom). There are many pieces of sterling silver (including an arrow representing purpose and direction), and also handmade Hill Tribe pieces in fine silver. At the sterling silver infinity clasp, there is a sterling silver ring that says FIERCE.

In service to what you care about, you are a force to be reckoned with!

7.5 inches inside when clasped