Fabulous Goddess


Fabulous Goddess necklace...

Every woman needs to remember that she is the embodiment of the Goddess, with power beyond measure, and magnetic beauty that radiates from within. You are a life-creating force to be reckoned with. Your intuitive capabilities are deep and far-reaching. You contain more wisdom and power than you know, the wisdom of the ages. Remember this!

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This stunning necklace radiates beauty and life-force energy. In predominantly greens and purples, it contains amethyst, sugilite, emerald, green turquoise, moonstone, jade, chrysoprase, malachite, zoisite white and lavender freshwater pearls, faceted quartz, aventurine, Swarovski crystals, and a multitude of sterling silver beads, spacers, an extra large lobster clasp, and 2 sterling silver rings with the words, FABULOUS and GODDESS inscribed on them. This necklace also contains 4 handmade Hill Tribe silver pieces from Thailand: the central flower pendant, 2 dragonflies, and a hammered silver heart.   

This is a very versatile piece. It can be worn as one long strand, clasp hooked on the “Goddess” ring; or as one strand with the clasp hooked on the “Fabulous” ring, with 9 inches hanging down the center line of the body or moved off to the side to hang asymmetrically, or hung down the back if you’re wearing a top with a low-cut back. It can also be wrapped twice and hooked at the “Goddess” ring. One necklace, many variations.  36 inches

Remember who you are....


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