Expect Miracles


Expect Miracles bracelet

Miracles don’t just happen in fairy tales, or only for the chosen few. They happen every day, for everyone. It’s a miracle that you woke up this morning. It’s a miracle that the cells in your body communicate in millions of ways to keep you breathing and moving with blood pumping through you. The flower growing outside your window is a miracle of creation. It’s a miracle that you survived your teenage years. It’s a miracle that you didn’t die of heartbreak when you lost your first love. It’s a miracle that planes can fly. It’s a miracle that the sun rises every morning, and then paints colors across the sky as it sets each evening. There’s not much that happens in this life that doesn’t have “miracle” at it’s root. So you’re in a spot where it doesn’t look like there’s much hope? Expect a miracle. Know that you deserve it, and expect it. What’s one more miracle?? It’s all in a day’s work. And don’t forget to celebrate the ones you’ve already been blessed with. There’s nothing like gratitude for past miracles to attract more of them.

This bracelet contains a great deal of heart opening energy, from the feel-good rose quartz, to the soothing and nurturing pearl, to the multi-shades of pink Swarovski crystals, and the deeply feminine silver (sterling in the beads, lobster clasp and MIRACLE ring, and fine silver in the hammered Hill TRIBE silver heart.

7 inches

If you don’t see the miracle, it’s just a matter of perspective. Just remember... “Today is the day we are given. So lets rejoice and be glad of it!”


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