Eve necklace...

There are many stories from the past that need a bit of re-framing... The story of Eve is one we might want to revisit. Rather than a disobedient chick who listens to an evil snake and eats some forbidden fruit, gets them kicked out of the Garden, and ruins everything... Eve was actually a goddess, reflected here in the beautiful sterling silver goddess figure, hanging in front of a sterling silver rings that says GODDESS. The 2 leaves, one that hangs along side of her, represent the deep connection to nature that she has as a woman. It also represents the Tree of Knowledge that lives within her, not outside of her. Sterling silver wire is wrapped along sections of the knotted leather cords, with hand-crafted spirals representing the spiral of creation, a force that she as a woman also carries within her; as well as jade beads. Jade connects with the energy of the earth and helps increase life force within you, as well as harmonizing and balancing the heart. It increases both emotional and physical well-being. The clasp at the back is a sterling silver snake. Snake is not a symbol of evil as some would tell you, but throughout time has been a symbol of deep knowledge, wisdom, self-realization, and of regeneration because of it’s ability to shed it’s skin. Snake has been associated with women because of women’s monthly cycle, a form of “shedding the skin” in a cycle of cleansing, renewal, and regeneration. Is it a deep and powerful feminine symbol. Everything about the goddess Eve is deep, and wise, and powerful.... There. Story re-framed. And much closer to her truth. And yours... and mine...        18 inches, with pendant hanging 2 inches in the center


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