Enjoying The  Moment


Enjoying The Moment necklace...

The thing about nature is that it’s a perfect representation of the absolute beauty in the statement “the only constant in life is change.” We humans tend to look impatiently at the future that hasn’t yet arrived, or look wistfully at the past we’ve left behind. We wish for what we don’t have, and mourn what we’ve lost, never quite getting the concept of living FULLY in the present moment. Nature isn’t like that. Nature is here and now and nothing else. The creatures in nature are either basking in the sun, or gathering food, or comfortably hibernating, fully taking advantage of the here and now. When we learn to do that in life, nothing is ever missed, and we are more fully able to see the truth about everything around us. It[s when we truly learn to experience joy!

This particular necklace is about the representation of Spring, the celebration of life in full bloom. There are stones in every color of the rainbow, covering the entire spectrum of human experience, and balancing all chakras. It includes amethyst, turquoise, angelite, peridot, rose quartz, citrine, coral,  chrysoprase, sugilite, amber, carnelian, lapis lazuli, sodalite, freshwater pearl, malachite, apatite, Peruvian blue opal, moonstone, aventurine, zoisite, flourite, jade, aragonite, Swarovski crystal, and glass beads. The necklace also contains a lot of sterling and fine silver pieces, as well as some 14k gold filled pieces, to bring a balance between moon and sun, male and female, the balance in the Universe. There is a GRATITUDE ring with a heart hanging from it to remind you to embrace the gifts around you in every moment, with all of your heart. There is also a ring saying CHANGE, with handmade Hill Tribe nature charms in fine silver, to remind you to appreciate what you have when you have it because nothing is permanent. There is one bead of black obsidian in the necklace to represent in the inward journey, and the other aspects of the cycle of life.  Love each season for the unique beauty it brings. And by all means, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers while they’re here. No matter what, today is a good day.

36 inches with another 2 inches hanging from the 2nd ring


Scroll down to look at some different ways you can wear this. As one long 36 inch loop, hooked on the CHANGE ring; or double wrapped (pictured here) and hooked on the CHANGE ring, or hooked on the GRATITUDE ring with 8+ inches of necklace hanging straight down in front (or down your back if you’re wearing a backless dress -- a little more unusual and eye-catching).

Or wrap it around your wrist 5 times for a VERY dramatic bracelet