Embracing Your Gifts


Embracing Your Gifts bracelet...

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place and with people where we feel like a fish out of water, like we just don't fit in.  Though those times can be difficult, they can also be an opportunity to really discover the heart of who we are. Rather than changing yourself, trying to fit in... find the strength in you that allows you to realize and embrace the parts of yourself that make you who you are. Know thyself! Learning to hold your own center in the face of feeling like you don't fit in is an incredible gift of strength that will pay off in very big ways in the years to come. You will know who you are because you had to find and then embrace who you are, and believe in yourself, when you you were feeling a little bit alone. Remember also that we're never really alone. Use time in nature to help you connect with that place within, connect with Spirit, and connect with the beauty of the world around you. So you may occasionally find yourself in a place where the people around you don't "get" you, that's okay, because you will not be there forever. You will find the people that are your "family of friends" in time. Just focus right now on knowing who you are. The more you can do that, the more they will just be drawn to you down the road because your presence will be so solid and strong. The stones in your bracelet carry the energy of some of your greatest strengths; an incredibly big and kind heart, a curious and bright mind, a connection with nature and with the animal world, and a strong intuition to guide you. Keep connecting with those parts of yourself, and your life will bloom in beautiful ways. Know thyself... and love what makes you YOU!


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This bracelet was made as a part of a set of 2 bracelets for 2 sisters