Embraced necklace...

Ruby is a heart stone of the red ray. A gemstone carrying the energy of passion, courage, and strong life-force energy. Pearls are gentle and soothing to the emotional body, helping to create balance of emotion. Gold carries the warming energy of the sun. A circle is one of the oldest symbols of unending, infinite energy, of the Creator, of all Creation. The chain and hammered circle and spirals are 14k gold-filled.

The central pendant a faceted ruby rondelle between 14k gold-filled daisy spacers and freshwater pearls, hangs in the center of a hammered 14k gold-filled circle. It is a representation of you -- you feeling the sensation deep within your heart of being embraced and loved on the deepest level by the Divine Energy of the Universe. It’s you being encircled, supported, and nurtured on a level so deep that you finally stop looking for it outside yourself from another person. You ARE embraced, as deeply and lovingly as it is possible to be... at all times.

There is also a smaller ruby and 2 freshwater pearls that hang from the clasp in the back.  22 inches, with the central circle hanging just slightly over an inch.


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