Earth  Wisdom


Earth Wisdom necklace...

Made in a similar style to Earth Tracks, this earth-toned piece is a necklace that either a man or woman could wear. It is made from jasper which is strongly calming and grounding, helps to alleviate excessive fear or worrying, and aids in mental work; onyx which carries the energy of inner strength, discipline, and mastery; bloodstone for courage and vitality and grounds you fully in your body; and 14k gold-filled chunks which bring in energy, confidence, the light of the sun, and the masculine balance to the feminine energies of the earth. Snake is traditionally a symbol of Wisdom, so the carved jasper rattlesnake tail pendant symbolizes wisdom and ancient earth knowledge, and is a reminder to bring great awareness to your journey as you walk your path in this life.

23 inches, with a strong magnetic clasp.

$185   THIS PIECE HAS BEEN SOLD  --  It was a commissioned piece in a similar style to Earth Tracks

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