Dancing Water


Dancing Water necklace...

This is a necklace for someone not afraid to make a bold statement. The seafoam blue glass nuggets, reminiscent of sea glass, are an inch long each, and the necklace has a nice weight to it. It’s a very solid piece, but balanced by the light quality of the color. The light dances in the glass and in the faceted clear quartz beads in between. The glass and quartz pieces are separated by delicate sterling silver daisy spacers, and the end caps and clasp is also sterling silver. Everything about this necklace is light-catching. Like sunlight dancing on the water of the Caribbean!

The necklace is 20 inches end to end, but because of the thickness of the glass, the inner circle when clasped is slightly smaller than that. It beautifully circles the neck at about the collarbone.


Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece: 310-967-1336 or allyson@thetotalhuman.com