Dancing In Shadows


Dancing In Shadows necklace...

Champagne and chocolate freshwater pearls add a soft feminine energy and connection to the Moon, the keeper of shadow-play, as well as adding a balance to emotional energy. Smoky quartz is a premier grounding and clearing stone. It allows you to work in realms of high-frequency energy and vibration, without energy burnout as it connects you with the earth, and helps ground the spiritual insights received there to be used in a practical way. It “draws the ethereal into manifestation,” bringing dreams into reality. It greatly helps transmute negative energies, and can be used as a counter to natural radiation found in the environment.  Strung on 24K gold-covered beading wire, with 14K gold vermeil balls and daisy spacers. This necklace helps us stay grounded while we “dance in the shadows”, whether it’s our shadow side as we learn to work with its gifts in our life, or whether it’s the non-linear, non-physical side to our existence that we learn to dance with in joyful celebration.   21 inches