Create Your Own Luck


Create Your Own Luck bracelet...

Are you one of those people that others look at and say, “How does that person get all the luck??” Or are you one of the ones who is asking that question, feeling like it’s elusive? So, how DO you create your own luck? The first step is learning to live in the present moment. Most people are continuously lost in their thoughts, rehashing old conversations in their head or practicing the ones to come; or are distracted by all the things on the to-do list that day, running late, stressed out. But when you can become fully present in the moment that you’re in, and reeeeally take a look around, synchronicity begins to happen. When you’re fully in the moment, paying attention to what’s happening around you, you start to NOTICE all the continuous opportunities that you’ve been missing up until then. You notice the good luck you already had but were too distracted to catch. And people begin to notice YOU, because there’s nothing more appealing than someone who is fully present, fully alive in the moment. You become the person that other people want be around. Magnetic. And, personally, that’s who I’d offer the job to, or approve their application for membership, or ask out on a date, or collaborate with on an exciting new project.

The bracelet contains knotted leather cord; a large faceted emerald (a powerful heart stone, often used to facilitate spiritual healing, the “wounded healer” stone, it is also a stone of insight, prophecy, and abundance); jade (a stone used since ancient time to bring good fortune); natural green turquoise (a stone of wisdom, wholeness, and integrating all of life’s experiences); malachite (strength and balance, encourages adventure); chrysoprase (used for balancing energy and alleviating depression); green flourite (stabilizing and calming, helps deepen concentration); labradorite (the “shaman stone” associated with magic, and it encourages inner light to shine); and Swarovski crystal. There is a large amount of sterling and fine silver used, including fine silver pieces handmade by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. There is a sterling silver cloverleaf for luck and 2 charms that dangle at the clasp, one saying CREATE, and the other saying LUCK. The Hill tribe leaf represents a connection to nature which is healing for the human body and soul, and is a perfect example of always living in the present. The Hill Tribe dragonfly, another messenger from nature, sits at the center. Dragonfly in many traditions represents the breaking down of illusion and seeing the Truth. The truth here is that you already have as much luck as you desire, if you’re able to become fully present and notice it.

7.25 inches inside when clasped