Cowgirl Princess


Cowgirl Princess bracelet...

Who the heck told us we had to give up our dreams of being a cowgirl, or a princess, or a prima ballerina, or an Amazon warrior just because we grew up?? Or did we just assume that we had to let certain silly fantasies go in order to be a responsible adult, a realistic and productive citizen?.... Yikes. Sounds like a pretty dull life to me.

This bracelet is about those little girl archetypes that we somehow lose in the shuffle of papers and business meetings as we get older. It’s about reclaiming the Inner Cowgirl, and reclaiming the Inner Princess, and mixing them up together until the flavor is “juuuuuust right.” The bracelet combines rough-and-tumble brown leather, gentle and feminine silver, and pretty-in-pink gemstones and crystal. At the center is a sterling silver ring that says PRINCESS, with a dangling crown charm. Other silver pieces are a mix of sterling and fine silver beads, spacers, and sparkling mirror balls, with a horse charm, a cowgirl hat charm and cowgirl boots. At the sterling silver swivel lobster clasp there is a little tassel made of pink and brown leather. The stones include rose quartz, dyed pink coral, rhodonite, freshwater pearls, and pink Swarovski crystals. Lots of heart-opening love and fun going on in this bracelet (as well there should be!)

Cowgirl princesses are smart, and sassy, and full of adventure. They never waste their time on things that don’t really matter. The message here in this bracelet?....

Just say YES!   (You know you want to).

Just over 7 inches inside when clasped (7.75 inches laid flat).