Clearly Grounded


Clearly Grounded necklace...

Another one of my gem show finds! This gorgeous smoky quartz pendant hangs 3 inches from the center of the 16 inch sterling silver chain. The stones are beautifully faceted, and the largest central stone is in a setting reminiscent of indigenous designs honoring the 4 cardinal, and 4 ordinal directions. Eight points around the center point.

Smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones, helping to ground spiritual energy into the physical plane. It can clear large amounts of negative energy. It pulls it in, and transmutes it, grounds it into the earth. It’s a wonderful tool for someone who feels overwhelmed by the energy in their environment, and also for people who work a lot on a computer, or in areas with excessive electromagnetic fields.

It’s excellent for bringing in clarity, focus, direction, and patience into any endeavor.