Celebration necklace...

An eclectic mixture of sterling silver, copper, and 14k gold-filled beads, chains and handmade wire spirals; leather; sterling silver rings that say JOY and IMAGINE; multi-colored antique African trade beads circa mid-1800's, multi-colored glass beads; coral to bring in the energy of the feminine; green and blue turquoise for wisdom and healing; sugilite for the energy of the violet ray and connection to spirit; African Christmas beads; and clear quartz as an amplifier; as well as handmade Hill Tribe silver pieces (a hammered center ring and a dragonfly pendant). It's about 27 inches long with the central silver and copper sunburst pendant hanging about 2 inches.  This piece contains the joyful exuberance of celebration, imagination run wild, an explosion of color, and pure happiness with a childlike innocence.


Call or email to inquire about ordering a custom made piece: 310-967-1336 or allyson@thetotalhuman.com