Breath of Life


Breath of Life bracelet...

The lungs are associated with the intake and processing of life force energy. Breathe in life, process it, and breathe out what you don’t need; or in a larger sense, let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. The lungs are also traditionally known as a place where the energy of grief is stored. Both crying and laughing help to move and process this energy, so make sure you do a lot of both!


This bracelet is about the flow of life on the currents of the breath, the air, the wind. Light as a warm summer breeze, crisp as the air on a cool autumn morning, or as powerful as a tornado. They’re all part of the same element, all constantly moving, flowing. The Breath of Life… in… out… in… out... We’re connected to Spirit through our breath. In… out… in…. out…  It’s the force that lets our Spirit rise and fly while we’re here.

This bracelet includes clear crystal to enhance the overall energy of the piece, pearl to soothe the emotions, mother of pearl and white coral for powerful and protective female energy, rose quartz because the heart and lungs are both part of the heart chakra, amazonite because when you speak it’s the process of the breath bringing Spirit into the physical plane through your words, moonstone to enhance your female connection to the moon and it’s changing phases, and silver which is also feminine in energy and connects with the energy of the moon. There are 3 silver charms: a heart to remind again of the connection between the lungs and the heart, and a dragonfly and hummingbird that represent joy and truth, and both have wings to fly. The combination of everything creates an energy that is soft, light, crisp, and sparkling – like air.


Breathe in deeply, take in all the life you can! Fill yourself to the brim. And then let it go, and relax, and take in more again. And again. And again. And for good measure, when you open your eyes each morning, literally start the day with a full minute of laughter. It’s the best medicine! Remember that your breath is the rhythm of the music that your soul is dancing to.          7.5 inches


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