Beauty In the Subtlety


Beauty In the Subtlety bracelet...

Like the bracelet That Certain Something, this bracelet also works with a more subdued earth-tone color palette. This calming, grounding bracelet is elegant and sophisticated in a low-key kind of way, and you don’t notice the wide range of color variations and patterns until you look more closely at it’s subtleties. It also has sterling silver acorn, leaf, and pinecone charms to echo the feel of autumn.

It’s made with knotted leather cord, sterling silver, rose colored sterling silver, fine grade silver, and copper. The semi-precious gemstones include labradorite (helps to bring your inner Light out into the world, and is often called the “shaman stone” because of it’s association with mystery and magic); amber (symbolizes the ancient wisdom contained within you, and brings in the warm energy of the sun); golden and red tiger eye (finding balance within the polarity, and an aid to grounding spiritual energy in the physical plane so that you can bring your spiritual light into your daily physical life and activities); smoky quartz (a premier grounding stone, it allows you to work in realms of high-frequency energy and vibration, without energy burnout as it connects you with the earth, and helps ground the spiritual insights received there to be used in a practical way, it helps transmute negative energies, and can be used as a counter to natural radiation found in the environment); jasper (calming and grounding, helps to alleviate excess fear or worry); an antique African trade bead estimated to be from the mid-1800‘s; and Swarovski crystal.

This bracelet is a reminder not to judge things based on a quick first impression. Take time to look more closely at the subtle details of what is in front of you, so that you can recognize and appreciate its full beauty.

7.25 inches inside when clasped