Back to the Heart of Things


Back To The Heart of Things necklace...

Ours days seem to be filled with so many "should's" and "have to's" these days, it's easy to become overwhelmed because we aren't filling our time with the things most near and dear to our heart. Life gets complicated, and messy, and overwhelming, and full of obligation. This is the time to stop, step back, and say to yourself "What are the things that are most important to me? What brings me joy? Who are the people I feel most alive when I'm with? What makes me laugh? What makes me relax and breathe deeply? What takes me into the center of myself...." These are the things that bring the heart to a simple and joyful place. These are things that make life feel less complicated, and that make the most sense to your inner knowing of what is right for you.

This necklace carries the energy of going back to the basics, back to your passion, back to your heart's simple desires. It is full of fire and power, of magic and mystery, and of simple playfulness. A silver hand with the spiral of life sits over the heart chakra, a hand on your heart, to remind you to always check in with your heart when making decisions. It says to you "live from your heart." There are 3 red and white antique African trade beads (circa mid-1800's) along knotted leather to add a sense of "off center" playfulness, as well as bringing in the wisdom of the ancients, who knew the power of a simpler time. There are 2 sterling silver rings, one that says PASSION, and the other that says MAGIC, because when you connect in to and follow your passion in life, magic happens on a daily basis. From the magic ring hangs a bead of obsidian, which takes you on a journey deep within yourself.

Many gemstones hang from the heavy sterling silver chain, and from the delicate sterling silver and 14k gold-filled twisted ring chains. The gems include more obsidian; jade (good fortune, abundance, and a connection to the healing energy of the earth); ruby (a classic heart stone, helping to connect with passion and the path of the heart); labradorite(magic, protection, transformation, increasing life's synchronicities); moonstone (deep female wisdom and intuition, and self-discovery on an inward journey); carnelian (passion, sexuality, and creativity); citrine (personal power and manifestation); red coral (protective "mother" energy); smoky quartz (a premier grounding and clearing stone, it allows you to work in realms of high-frequency energy and vibration, without energy burnout as it connects you with the earth, and helps ground the spiritual insights received there to be used in a practical way, it “draws the ethereal into manifestation,” bringing dreams into reality, it greatly helps transmute negative energies); amber (the wisdom of the ages, the power of the sun, helping to create warmth, health and well-being); onyx (inner strength, focused attention, and self mastery, it also enhances dreamwork); red tiger eye (finding balance within the polarity, and is an aid to grounding spiritual energy in the physical plane, so that you can “walk your talk”, you can bring your spiritual light into your daily physical life and activities, so that what often seems like 2 paths can diverge into one); and some energetically enhancing copper to round out the metals (silver/gold/copper). There are also sterling silver mirror balls that reflect the light, and a fine silver leaf which brings in the simple healing power of nature, and the reminder to connect with the natural world when feeling overwhelmed with extraneous details. At the heavyweight sterling silver swivel clasp hangs a larger faceted bead of carnelian, again bringing in passion, sexuality, and creative energy to fuel all you do.

Life can be as simple as you make it. It can be simply joyful, simply peaceful, simply by always listening to the direction your heart wants to take you. It's up to you whether you find all the reasons you have to do something else.... or whether you listen...