Awakening Vision


Awakening Vision bracelet...

The "Awakening Vision" bracelet is made with a combination of leather, chunky sterling silver beads including Bali beads and a handmade Hill Tribe fine silver pieces including a dragonfly. The stunning variety of stones include sugilite, light and dark amethyst, turquoise, Peruvian blue opal, chrysocolla, sodalite, Swarovski crystal, and faceted apatite. It also includes a sterling silver ring inscribed with the word VISION, and closes with a heavy sterling silver swivel lobster clasp. Sugilite is a preeminent stone of healing and purification. It also provides exceptional protection against negative energy, an energetic cleanser. It is a stone connected to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision -- a doorway into awakened Inner Vision. Amethyst stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms. It is also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage. Turquoise is a stone of wholeness -- a stone of healing and vitality. It carries the wisdom of compassion.  Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess and carries the energy of exceptional communication abilities on many levels. Peruvian blue opal is very calming and helps drop into a meditative state. Sodalite helps to alleviate fear and bring clarity of mind and is a good stone for Psychic Protection. It will help if you carry any fear around the gift of sight. And Apatite helps with clarity of communication, and helps you attune to your inner self and find your own truths, and then put them into action. It is a “mirror to the soul” stone. Silver carries a strong feminine energy and a connection to the shifting and transforming energy of the moon. This piece will help in the activation your third eye/intuition, as well as helping you to embrace the gift which is sometimes quite overwhelming in the early stages of second sight; and will assist in your connection to Spirit and your ability to keep the Bigger Picture in view.       7.5 inches


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