Awakened Woman


Awakened Woman bracelet...

There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a woman who has come into her own, a woman who has tapped into that place of female wisdom and power, who has learned to access that incredible capacity for love, compassion, humor, intuition, and heart-centered connection. That is the point where, by example, because of what you carry within you, you gently but powerfully inspire other women to find the same within themselves.

This bracelet celebrates the deep intuitive wisdom that is part of being a woman, and the immediate capacity to access Divine Guidance, and bring that energy into the physical world. This bracelet contains Amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms, it is also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage); Chrysacolla (carries divine feminine energy, and is a powerful communication stone. It teaches the combination of gentleness and power, encouraging one to speak one’s highest knowledge, owning the value of one’s experiences, knowledge and contribution); Lapis Lazuli (the “stone of royalty” which helps to connect to your spiritual guidance and your intuitive capacity); Turquoise (wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing); Peruvian Blue Opal (a calming stone, healing to the emotions, it helps to calm and center the mind, deepen meditation, and helps to facilitate the spiritual understanding of difficult life experiences of the past); Amazonite (a “truth-teller” stone, aiding in opening the heart and activating the throat, for enhanced ability in communicating your Truth); Sugilite (a preeminent stone of healing and purification, it provides exceptional protection against negative energy, a powerful “energetic cleanser,” good for people who tend to be sensitive to their environments and can easily absorb the negative energy around them, and it’s a stone connected to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision); Apatite (a powerful third-eye stone, helping to activate inner vision, it’s a wonderful stone to help become aware of the deeply rooted patterns you carry on a soul level, so that you can clear past influence from this and other lifetimes); Moonstone (mystery, self-discovery on an inward journey, deeply feminine, enhances intuition); Peridot (brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healing of all kinds, it helps you to understand the changes going on in your life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible); Jade (earth energy, good fortune, a classic abundance stone); Chrysoprase (a stone of the heart, with a strong connection to the spirit of Earth Mother/nature, it unites individual desires with the heart’s desire for the good of all, and helps to heal feelings of separation and isolation by teaching of the interconnectedness of all things); Angelite (traditionally known as a stone that helps to facilitate the communication with our spiritual guidance, and with our higher self. It helps raise your state of conscious awareness, and helps to transmute fear, and creates a deep sense of peace and calm within); Aventurine (carries the energy of growth, vitality, prosperity, good luck, it supports healing and the clearing of old patterns, so that new growth and forward movement can occur); and freshwater Pearl (female connection to the moon, deeply soothing to the emotions). There is a sterling silver ring that says WISDOM to represent the female wisdom you have gained through the work you have done to bring all parts of yourself forward. The dragonfly is fine silver and was handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. Dragonfly in many cultures represents the breaking down of illusion so that only the Truth remains. There are many silver beads, some sterling silver and others are more fine silver Hill Tribe pieces. The charm at the silver clasp says ENERGY to represent the energy that you put out into the world as an awakened woman, and the healing that it creates.

This is how the world will be healed, one Awakened Woman at a time, healing the men, healing the children, healing everything that comes in contact with her graceful and powerful presence. There’s an old Chinese, “When sleeping women awake, mountains move!”