Autumn Release


Autumn Release necklace...

It was hard to capture the feel of this necklace while it was inside laying on a table. It came alive when I took it outside and photographed it in front of a tree! The magic is in the way it hangs and moves. This piece is about the cycles, the seasons we go through. There is a time for explosion of growth, a time for rest, a time for release of what doesn’t serve us. This necklace helps to remind us to be still, gather our energy within as we prepare for the next phase. Stillness... rest... there’s new growth to come if you prepare for it. Made with a 24k gold-coated real oak leaf, a treated-copper-coated real Japanese maple leaf, with rust colored Swarovski crystals, small14K gold-filled chunks and spirals, fire agate balls (a be-here-now stone of vitality that helps the exchange of spiritual and physical energies, and helps one to be fully in the body) - on double strand of 14K gold-filled chain and lobster clasp closure.    19 inches