Ancient Journey


The Ancient Journey necklace...

Our Journey in life, whether we’re looking at it from a physical or spiritual perspective, doesn’t happen in a straight line. Time doesn’t move in a straight line. Life doesn’t happen in a straight line.  Life has twists and turns; we move in curving lines, on spiraling paths. We’re forced to make many unexpected turns along the way. But it’s all part of the Grand Journey.

Amber is like a luminous golden droplet containing ancient time, knowledge, wisdom.  It contains the wisdom of the ages. Wearing it, it’s like you are bending time, carrying a piece of the past in the present moment. It’s a physical example of all time existing simultaneously. Amber is also known as a powerful healer of the physical body, as well as being considered to bring good luck to the wearer.

The pendant on this piece was not made by me (though I worked with it energetically as I do with all the pieces). I found this gorgeous wire-wrapped amber at a gem trade show. It’s a stunning piece of deep golden genuine Baltic Amber (deposited in the Baltic Sea region 40-60 million years ago). The wire wrapping around the amber and the spiral connection piece above it beautifully echo the theme of the long and winding road of our Journey in life. I paired it with a triple strand of wavy “liquid” sterling silver to accentuate the curving, flowing theme. It’s a beautifully delicate pairing with the pendant!     18 inches, amber is 2+ inches