A Teacher’s Surrender


A Teacher’s Surrender bracelet...

When we move into a role as “Teacher” we need to remember that the best teaching is not so much “passing on good information,” but by example of a life well lived. So be prepared for the Universe to call you on it every time you aren’t living what you are teaching. Be prepared to have all your unresolved issues brought right to the surface.  When that happens, don’t deny that the issues still exist (no matter how tempting the desire to pretend that you’re past that already), but know that it’s just a deeper layer of that issue that you’re now ready to work with. In-your-face triggers to old issues are GIFTS! Stepping into the role of “Teacher” is stepping up to the plate in life in terms of moving to your OWN next level of growth.  Stepping into the fire! 

As a Teacher we are as much of a student as our students, only now more accountable because we’ve said to the Universe “I’m ready to be tested, so bring it on!” 


This bracelet holds the energy that will assist you in terms of healing your own issues (sugilite, turquoise); maintaining balance and calm within yourself (Peruvian blue opal); providing exceptional and compassionate communication (apatite, chrysacholla); connection to your intuition and spiritual guidance (lapis lazuli, amethyst, angelite); and access to deep wisdom (turquoise). In fact most of the stones in the piece relate to accessing wisdom from different sources, and then bringing it into the physical plane. The coral provides deeply feminine protective energy; and the balance of turquoise and coral bring a balance of male/female, earth/sky, spirit/physical.


The sterling silver feather is a reference to “Great Spirit” and it sits at the clasp on a ring with the faceted angelite bead. Also at the clasp is a charm that carries the moon on one side and the sun on the other side. Another reference to balance, and embracing the Totality. The sterling silver dragonfly that is perched at the center is about breaking down the walls of “illusion” to get to the larger Truth. The sterling silver mirror balls are a reminder that there are many perspectives to any situation, an important thing for a teacher to keep in mind, as there is no absolute “right way” and every student may need to hear something from a slightly different perspective so that it resonates with them individually, and can “land.”


Balance, healing, accessing intuition, wisdom, and elevated communication abilities. That is the name of the game in this bracelet! Wear it well as you walk your talk. And many blessings on your path, fellow Teacher, fellow Student, fellow Journeyer…

$235  This was a commissioned piece