A Deeper Kind of Vision


A Deeper Kind of Vision bracelet...

There is so much more to the world that what we can see with our physical eyes. What you see is NOT always what you get. In fact it’s rarely what you get. We need to learn to access that place within us that perceives the unseen energy and information which is available to us at all times. It’s about expanding our awareness into a much larger “knowing” than the rational mind would have us believe exists. We are living in a sea of energy and information, most of it unseen by the physical eye. Why wait until humans invent a machine that can measure it. You can already learn to access that place within yourself here and now. It just takes practice. This bracelet contains stones that have been traditionally used to assist with expanded awareness and cultivating intuitive capabilities like amethyst and moonstone, sugilite which is connected to the world of dreams and visions, and purple flourite which is said to deepen concentration and aid in connecting the human mind to universal consciousness. There is also purple Swarovski crystal, knotted leather, and many pieces made from sterling and fine silver, including a fine silver piece handmade by me, and some fine silver pieces handmade by the Hill Tribe in Thailand.

If Sleeping Beauty had been a little more intuitively aware, she wouldn’t have looked at that apple being suspiciously handed to her and merely thought, “Oh, excellent, a high-fiber snack.”

I’m just saying...

7.5 inches inside when clasped