A Daring Adventure


A Daring Adventure...

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.

-Helen Keller-

What would you be doing if you had no fear?...

We try so hard to make the “right” choices, the choices that keep us safe, and protected, and “on track.” We fear rejection, ridicule, losing the people we love, being penniless, being homeless, being judged, being alone, and failure in general.  But the reality is that we can make all the “right” choices and STILL lose everything. Turn on the news and every day you’ll hear stories of unexpected loss. There will also always be someone out there judging us negatively no matter which choices we make. Nobody gets out of this life alive. Nobody. So we might as well choose to really LIVE while we’re here. Every single day.

So what would you be choosing to do if you didn’t have fear stopping you? Jump out of a plane? Write a novel? Go to pastry chef school? Quit your job? Shave your head? Write country music? Move to Spain? OK, so some things are definitely harder to negotiate than others when you have a life intertwined with other people. (It’s hard to go to Spain spur of the moment when you have kids to pick up from school.) But other things... not so hard. It just takes a little courage. So what do you dream about? Where does your passion lie? And when do you start choosing to follow those paths? If not now, then when? It’s never a guarantee that we’ll be here tomorrow. Not to be depressing, but just to point out that the moment to follow what you love is right now.

The bracelet is an explosion of colors and mixed metals to represent the world of exciting possibilities that await. It contains silver, rose colored silver, copper, and 14k gold-filled pieces. The stones are blue and green Turquoise (healing, wholeness, the integration of all parts of yourself and your life experiences); Carnelian (creativity, passion, sexuality); Citrine (the ability to manifest what you dream, and the power of your personal projection in the world); Sugilite (powerful healing, and connection to the realm of dreams and visions); Angelite (connection to guidance from the spiritual realm); Lapis Lazuli (expansion of intuition and connection to spiritual guidance); Malachite (grounded protection and balance, repels negative energy); Coral (protective Mother energy); Chrysoprase (a stone of the heart, connection to nature, helps to heal feelings of separation and isolation); Chrysacolla (divine feminine energy, powerful communication, valuing and owning your experiences, wisdom and contributions); Freshwater Pearl (soothing to the emotions); and Swarovski crystal. At the center of the dream ring is an antique African trade bead circa mid-1800’s bringing in the energy of the past and the present coming together in wholeness. The small strand that connects Courage and Dream is made of alternating silver and onyx. Onyx is about perseverance, stamina, and strength. But if you notice, it is not an unbroken strand. The work/perseverance/stamina is broken up in the center by the DREAM ring, to remind you to always take time in the middle of working hard, to stop and relax, and make space for yourself to dream.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something every day that scares you.” Make choices every day that spark that creative fire in you and make you feel vibrant and alive. Modeling for your kids that that’s an okay thing to do is an excellent legacy to leave. And I don’t know about you, but the thing I don’t want them to write on my tombstone to remember me by when I go is, “Here lies a sensible woman who was excellent at staying within her budget.” So go out and kick some creative ass today! Or at least do something fun. Just say yes.

7 inches inside when clasped